Friday, August 15, 2014

There are a lot of good things on the internet, but the comments often aren't one of them.  A bunch of people, many of whom I assume are middle-school boys, feel the need to viciously attack anything they don't like in the most violent and sexist ways.  There are sites that make comments actually work, where discussion can happen constructively.  But there are a lot of boys who see anyone, especially women as a threat that needs to be harassed, objectified and silenced.  Insane children think that only boys play games and that women should be excluded, when in fact almost half of all video game players are female.
I'm a straight white man.  I don't ever get rape or death threats online, no matter how much anyone disagrees with me.  Women, LGBT people and minorities do every day.  The only solution I've got is I'm going to teach my 2 sons that that behavior is unacceptable. I hope other people have good ideas for broader solutions.  I think some of them are in these articles: